Monday, February 25, 2013

022513 February CKC Participant Blog Hop

Here we are again with another CKC challenge! And "It is a DOOZY! ... complete a page/project about WHY YOU LOVE _____ BUT you may NOT include ANY photos, JUST journaling!

Well, it took me awhile to decide where to go with this!
With all my cute grandbabies & vintage childhood photos it was tough to go photo-less.
BUT - no one said I couldn't have IMAGES on my page...hehehe!

Until our recent kitchen redo I have had my FlyLady cling on my kitchen window, but she is now retired.
 Boy - was it a chore to get her to let loose!Fortunately I had a fresh one stashed away for a scrapbook page.

If you are not acquainted with FlyLady, the Fly part stands for Finally Loving Yourself.
I gained such an understanding of my "S.H.E." traits (Sidetracked Home Executive).
It was great to know I was not "B.O." (Born Organized) - that explained a LOT!

Anyway, the most difficult thing about doing this page was that my kit had NO purple in it,
and FlyLady's signature color is purple. So I mixed up a little paint & made mist.
Another FlyLady thing are Purple Puddles - when she gets weepy (awww...)
That gave me my title.

I can't begin to express how much my life has changed since I started Flying!

Now YOU fly over to Jemma's blog!


  1. I like FLY Lady's style!! And a great page too :)

  2. Cute page and I've used fly ladys tips too.Every time I wipe out my sink I think of her.

  3. Thanks for the background of Fly Lady! I love your page!

  4. Awesome layout, and I just opened another window to check out FLY lady. Thanks!!

  5. Great take on the challenge, thanks for sharing FlyLady with us all, will go look for her tout suit!

  6. You have me so intrigues to check out the Fly Lady. Your layout is adorable!!! LOVE the feather and the misting. Wonderful page!

  7. I shined my sink yesterday -- why do I let it get mucky??? A great page which I love (as you know) and you ddi so well to get that purple worked in like that.

  8. Super cute! Thanks for hipping me to Fly Lady too!

  9. Oooh great page - well done on the paint-mixing (I'd have just grabbed a scrap of purple from my stash LOL) - and I never knew what the FLY stood for! Once my de-cluttering is done I may hook up with her again as it's been a while since I shined my sink!

  10. Ha ha, love how you've manipulated the challenge to suit your theme by using the image, and I really like how your splattered image came out. (I never got past shining the sink with FLY lady!)

  11. I didn't know that Fly was an acronym. Polishing the sink is a regular chore here as our water really leaves a lot of deposits behind. However, for me, it reminds me of my food science teacher who, once when I told her my lab kitchen was clean, asked if I had dried the sink. I was incredulous at what I thought was an odd request. Sinks dry them selves, don't they? And now, anytime I shine it to a gleam, I have to turn the faucet on for something and get it all wet again. Ah, Mrs. Lyall and Fly Lady, as long as I have a sink, I will remember you.


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