Sunday, February 10, 2013

021913 First 10 LOAD pages

Hard to believe we are already 10 days into LOAD213ScrapHappier!
 And I've made it SO much easier by using my CKC Asphalt Jungle Kit on many of my pages.

Day One: Senses
Sight: Wordless Page

Day Two: Saturdays = All About You
The Perfect Day

Day Three: Sundays: Possessions
An Important But Overlooked Item

Day Four: Mondays: Goals
(another healthy & happy grandbaby!)

Day Five: Tuesdays = Relationships
Your Honey

Day Six: Wednesdays = Scrapbooking
Do It Now

Day Seven: Thursdays = The World Around Us
Scrap a Nature Photo

Day Eight: Fridays = Senses

Day Nine: Saturdays = All About You
Likes & Dislikes of Childhood

Day Ten: Sundays = Possessions
A Visual Quilt of This Stage of Life

Stay tuned for another installment in a week or so!


  1. Just a little thing... It made me happy that you used the Grandma's Garden pattern for your embellishment on the last LO. I love building in layers of meaning in my pages and feel like I'm the only one who "gets" it. Blessings, Gina

    1. Sometimes it all just works together, doesn't it? Love it when that happens :~)

  2. What a widely varied collection of styles. It hints at how vastly creative your mind is. Personally I love the fact that each 12x12 "canvas' can become it's own perfect story.


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