Saturday, June 15, 2013

061513 Five Minute Friday: Listen…

I love to be home alone.
I love the quiet. I can hear the birds. I can hear my thoughts.
When the kids came over last week Chuck noticed right away how peaceful it was with no tv.
Lincoln is calm when he is here, in the quiet.
It’s refreshing to not have some kind of “music” blaring at me, unless I want it to be.
I think we have too much clamor – too much noise - and it makes us more aggressive & less kind.
When I get quiet enough to hear the dog’s tummy gurgle, I notice it.
I notice things when it’s quiet.
But it’s really not quiet. The icemaker drops it’s load with quite a racket.
Even the geese flying over make a cranky sound, although I find it delightful anyway.
The worst thing for me that breaks the quiet is the alarm clock – ugh.

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  1. Amen about hte alarm clock. And eveyrthign else you said. So true! Thanks for this.


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