Sunday, September 1, 2013

083113 Date Day Saturday

Heading "up north" today to St Ignace to stock up on some smoked whitefish fresh out of the big lake!

Manley's Fish, St. Ignace, Michigan

Total Green Bay Packers' fan, but we won't hold it against him!

Not when there is sublime smoked fish to be had for a really decent price...

After a stop at a local fudge shop we are on to the SOO Locks
the system which links Lake Superior to the lower Great Lakes, 
in Saulte Ste. Marie. We hope to return someday for a dinner cruise through the locks.

We were blessed to arrive just as an enormous ore freighter 
was making her way through so we got to see it in action.

This ship takes up almost the entire length of this photograph!
Then we turned around to head back home.

Home to have a little nosh!

Tomorrow we've got to pack all that fish up for the freezer with our new vacuum sealer.

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