Tuesday, September 24, 2013

092413 CKC September Blog Hop - Challenge #1 Finish It!

Here it is again! 
Another month at Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog & the challenge for our blog hop this month is a project completion challenge: pick a project that is either not finished or something that you always intended to start - and FINISH IT! 

Well the tough part about this is to narrow it down to just one, lol!

I had been holding on to this photo for a long time. 
I had matched it up with a paper that was similar to the wallpaper in the photo.
Unfortunately, it really wasn't happening for me anymore with that paper.
Time to regroup! Perfect for this challenge.

I knew my kit didn't have the right papers, so I found a very neutral one for a background.
Then I sifted through all of the goodies in my kit & chose what worked.

I layered & shifted things around until I was happy.
Glued things down.
Brought out the Color Shine...black...
Then gave a spritz of white - oops! Big blob - no prob.
I'll just wipe it away...along with a big smear of the black ink... ugh
This explains the random patterned paper added in desperation!
I call this a happy accident, as I love the effect.

I have been trying to make use of all the goodies in my kit, so I stencilled "Authentic" and stitched underneath to draw a little attention. I used my white pen to minimize some more of the black dots.

This is my mom. The flash in the photo is glaring off of the oil painting but I know every brushstroke.

I was really pleased to be able to use that giant @ wooden piece.

So! Time to hop on over to see what KATE BLUE aka Queen Kat has created!
Here's the full list just in case - you do not want to miss a thing!


  1. That random patterened paper works really well and the @ looks fab :)

  2. Love how you stitched the journaling !

  3. love the blue color ,I like the way you journaled

  4. I know what you mean about narrowing it down, but you did a great job! Check that one off the list!

  5. love all the blue and the stitching too...but what happened to the painting??? Inquiring minds wanna know :) It would've been lovely to have :)

  6. love the way you just rolled with the blips along the way and in the end turned out something so very pretty! The blue pieces of floral paper remind me of the wallpaper and look so purposeful! The stitching really is a great way to draw the attention to the journalling and other itms.

  7. You got to match the wallpaper after all! Great job.

  8. Great idea to add those white swirls on the black dots (a reason why you won't see much drippy ink on my pages is I'm a control freak) and rolled with the "mistakes" to create a wonderful page.

  9. beautiful blue, and I hear ya about narrowing it down!

  10. The random pattern paper is indeed a happy, love the look!

  11. What a wonderful memory to capture! I'm sorry you don't have any of her paintings, but you make the best of it here by giving us a glimpse through this layout. I love the sewed lines for your journaling and the happy accident is perfect. The bit of the same paper in the bottom left corner (with AUTHENTIC stenciled on...SWOON!) completely make this work. You did it again, GF!


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