Sunday, September 8, 2013

090813 CKC September Kit "You Go, Girl!" Tutorials

This month I had a real favorite among the papers in the Citrus Twist July inspiration kits.

It is so bright & summery & looks like a beach full of umbrellas to me!
I had nothing remotely like it in my own stash but thought I could do a fair imitation.

I grabbed my handy hexagon punch & an assortment of bright 6x6 paper for the smaller scale.
Just punch & draw lines from point to point for a cheater, 
or cut from point to point & rearrange the pieces in a pleasing way.

I especially liked how the striped papers looked.
This one happens to be double-sided so I used both sides - fun!

Next up is a paper from the Summertime Paper add-on kit.
See that blazing sun paper under the label?
(The name & maker weren't listed.)

I love how much movement there is in the pattern.
I made sure to alternate the direction of the sun rays to imitate that movement.

Let's add a few geotag accents out of map paper made with a homemade template - cute!
I just punched a circle & cut a point into the hole in the paper for the pattern.
A little tip: punch the center hole BEFORE you trace & cut the pattern - much easier to handle.

Okay! Go make a geotag template - it's trendy - then use your favorite papers to make a trendy custom accent :~D


  1. I love your geotags, brilliant ! I think the yellow paper is from Fancy Pants (Down by the shore), I love the look of your paper. The hexagons one inspired me a lot, maybe I will copy you !

  2. These are clever ideas. I love your geotags.Your suns are gorgeous.

  3. these are such a great idea... so often I've looked at these to buy and thought... too expensive... and look, can make it!

  4. the geotags are really lovely. look at how clever you are!

  5. Great forgeries, I love that hexagon paper, it's in my stash somewhere :)


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