Wednesday, July 15, 2015

071515 Finnabair class at Scrappy Chic

Had a lovely day out at Scrappy Chic 
taking a class from the incomparable Finnabair!
(I'm under her right armpit, lol)

We started by painting our canvas with heavy black gesso, adding 
vintage travel themed papers in a mosaic arrangement & choosing a photo. 

We also used Prima's Finnabair 3D Gloss Gel & some texture tools
to create a transparent background texture that we will come back to later...
You can see it in the photo below.

Next we got to revel & rummage in the generous packs of 
Prima Finnabair metal embellishments provided to each of us in our kits.
I didn't want a real feminine vibe so I decided on a crown.
This will be called "The Crown Prince" as he IS the first-born.

Next step is to paint over all metal & plastic items with black gesso.
This will give a good base for the spray colors & shimmer.
This was a bit of a leap for me, as I was really loving all the different metals.

Not so sure at this point!

 The Soft Gloss Gel can be mixed with glitter, microbeads, etc. & then applied as you would paint. The gloss is transparent & sticky so anything you add appears as itself but can be adhered easily. 

We mixed in Luminarte Primary Elements pigments in metallic colors 
to dry brush over our textured background. Wow! Did it ever bring THAT to life :-)
The pigments can also be used mixed with plain water as a shimmer mist or water color.

One of the finishing touches that helps marry your photo
to the painterly background is adding "makeup" to it!
If you have any oversprays or boo-boos around the edges you can use
black gesso and carefully feather in a little grungy edge or white gesso on the face.

You'll notice she has a teeny tiny brush, and has used the back of her hand for a palette!
She used heavily diluted color for just a hint of blush & eyeshadow.
I didn't think it would improve Lincoln's looks, though.

I'll be adding some gems & some more shading & color at home.
I'm going to do one for each of the grands!

The project really had a wide scope of possibilities.
Some of the variety in the finished product between my table mates...


Thanks, Anna, for helping tame my fear 
of multi-media messy techniques.

Headed home with a lovely Pettit team mixed CD 
playing & the sun roof open... happy day.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks like you had a fun day and your canvas came out great! Techniques like that are waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone but I guess that's what classes are for, right? Looking forward to seeing the ones you make for the rest of your grandkids - hope you'll be sharing those.

  2. Oh woo! You are so brave! That is an awesome project and looks like you had such a great day!


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