Thursday, July 23, 2015

072215 A Day Out...

Started the day at Walmart with a loooong list...
the least fun of which was a bathing suit!
Cute, though, huh?

Wrapping for Addie's baby shower gifts.
Then a meet-up with Therese from the old ATC group,
with a guest appearance from Norma! Had a wonderful
long visit & will start meeting up again in October.
Lunch at Panera with good friends - the best.
Couldn't believe not one of us remembered to take a selfie.

 Norma generously brought us a delightful assortment of ATCs!

On to the mall for more shopping.
Found some shrugs & a new top & dress, but alas - no raincoat.

Next stop: Barnes & Noble.
Here's the adult coloring book display.
Yes - I said adult coloring books - all the rage.

I bought this one - should be fun.
I'm saving the bag for a future project (wink-wink)
The other side has Huckleberry Finn - love this.

Then out to Davison to pick up this little gem

Our new mascot for the cabin, lol

Such a blessed, blessed day :-)

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! Looking forward to seeing what you do with that bag.
    On a scrappy note, I know that you enjoy Ashli Oliver's style - did you know that she's going to be offering classes? You can email her (address on blog) to get a notification when she starts offering them. I took an online class for which she was a contributor and I thought she was excellent. Just wanted to let you know...

    1. Oh, yes - thanks Susan! Would love to take her classes. I enjoy her process videos very much.

  2. Hi Leslie, this sounds like a fun day out. Always great to catch up with friends too. Adult colouring books are VERY popular in Australia too. I wanted to pop in to say thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a friendly comment. Your mention of Shakespeare (aka Bill) the duck made me smile :) Have a great day.


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