Saturday, February 6, 2016

020616 CKC February Challenge #1

It's time for the first CKC Challenge for February!
Challenge #1: Sappy Movie Inspiration
 Come on..admit it...we all love at least ONE sappy love movie (or even cartoon).  
Use your favorite romantic movie to inspire your next project.
 You can use the title, where it takes place, journaling ideas, identifiable name it!

 I'm not sure why I enjoy twisting these challenges, but I must confess that I do.
Sometimes I am looking for a story that would never otherwise get scrapped.
This story is definitely iconic in our family lore so I am delighted to get it down on paper!

Okay, so this is my sappy love cartoon inspiration:

Pepe Le Peuw & Penelope in Paris
Today he would be considered a stalker, but Pepe was simply relentlessly confident of his charms.
 He prompts a rather unlikely (& unromantic) story embodied in this little keepsake given by a friend.


One year we had an endless spate of skunk sprayings at our house.
Perhaps skunks migrate a little each year after they have fouled their territory?
I can't know the cause but it was inescapable & rudely pervasive.

We babysat Paige a number of times that summer & she quietly ingested the noxious fumes.
One day she was riding along with her mom in the car when the familiar scent wafted in.
She made the logical assumption: "Mom, are we at the Smith's house?"

That phrase has become the standard comment when any of us smell skunk. Millie got
such a chuckle out of the story that she presented Greg with this little token of
 our Skunk Summer.

At first glance it may not look like this came from my kit, but you may
recall that my Felicity Jane stash was on reserve (the b/w strip & dots.)
My favorite elements on the layout are the tongue-in-cheek roses coming out
of the chimney,  fussy-cut from on of my kit papers & that vertical "skunk" stripe :-)

Added some stitching to keep those alphas on the page plus a subtle texture on the journaling.

Lovin' all the gold bits, even if they are tough to photograph.

Well, I hope I have widened the scope of your sappy love inspiration!
And this is just because I love you...

aaah, cheri...  (teehee)
Link up your sappy scrappy take on the prompt at Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog.

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  1. First of all, your story is very funny and I can definitely see why you'd want to record it. Second, amazing page, with every detail completely supporting your story! Love it!

  2. He he, cute story.Your page has captured the story well.I like the roses coming out of the chimney!

  3. How funny. Love that you've made a page about this.

  4. I am in stitches. This is hilarious! Mostly because I know that smell so well. My family is in beekeeping and skunks are an onerous predator. Keep them coming Leslie. You are doing some great stories this LOAD.

  5. This story is really great and I'm sure that every family has an insider joke like this. I can't think of my fave sappy movie - GWTW probably as I can start bawling just at the sound of the music when the credits roll at the beginning!


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