Monday, March 14, 2016

031216 WM#203 Eyelets

I love that Lisa picked up her WM#203 inspiration for this week's challenge
from the FaceBook group conversation. Started by Sherrie, the eyelet/grommet 
trend that is beginning to surface was presented at THIS LINK
Take a scroll through the article - there are 15 fab fashion takes on the trend.

I chose #6,  this Marc by Marc Jacobs Eyelet Metal Choker ($158)
Sorry, ladies - it's out of stock at the moment...
Here's my take:

I had intended to add brads to complete the pattern but I would have had to make this element HUGE to do that.

Here's the full page, photographed at an angle to show off all of the gold!

Keep watching - I have been inspired by almost all of the examples!
I'm hoping to add some eyeletized embellis in future.
Stash-busting with style, baby!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Woo hoo - what an inspired way to anchor your page! What did you make the gold bar from - the angle makes it look a little thick, like chipboard. Very cool page!

    1. Just cardstock & golf foil, mounted on black construction paper. I whacked some of these eyelets too hard, lol!

  2. WOW Leslie that is so cool! I love how you used the inspiration piece too, guess I need to go back and further review that article I didn't realize in had so many ideas :)Love the way the paper flows and the addition of the gold stars

  3. fun! I love your homemade gold choker - you are so creative at the way you make your own embellishment and interpret items in your own "forgeries". I love the added veneer stars among the swirly lines and the gold foil letters are perfect. I didn't wash any gold but R did and found some too - in the river. it was a lot a fun. thanks so much for joining in on the challenges - I'm loving seeing where you take each of these prompts!

  4. Fab inspiration and a beautiful page. I never thought of alternating brads and eyelets or even eyelets and gems!


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