Sunday, March 6, 2016

030616 CKC March Challenge #1

This month the CKC challenges are based on challenges that our newest Master Forgers
(Clair, Susan and Kelly) set for  themselves when they applied for the Design Team!
Good practice for those of you thinking of answering our next call...
Well, last month I did this page for LayoutADay challenge:

I spent an inordinate amount of time creating that little "Pinspired" word art
by dissecting the Pinterest graphic art & rearranging it to suit.
(I really wanted that font with the swirlie "sp".)

So! This first challenge is to be
Base a project on something spotted on Pinterest, with a TWIST.
 No craft projects, layouts, minis, mixed media inspirations!

 What's a girl to do?
I have studiously avoided falling down the time-suck rabbit hole of Pinterest,
BUT I do have "a few" boards so I decided to limit myself to those which, yielded this little gem.

Now let me take a look at my kit...

Well, lookee there! Light bulb moment! (hehe)
I'm not even foresighted enough to have planned that, lol.
Serendipity wins the day.

A little search through some printed photos and voila!

Stamping & mist splatters add a little interest to the plain white background.

As you may remember, I had no patterned paper in my kit.
Necessity is the mother of invention!
Flip your PL cards to find hidden treasure...

Time for YOU to be Pinspired.
Yes! You have PERMISSION to head on over to the land of your crafty little dreams...

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Oh, Leslie, you never fail to amaze me! What a fantastic layout! I *love* that you managed to find a little chalkboard inspiration in the kit (without having planned it) and that you added colour and interest to it by being such a clever clogs - and simply turning over a PL card. Such a super star x

  2. The sweet life indeed! Great design - love the vertical column of photo and embellishments crossed by the horizontal row of journaling. The stamping and splatters are perfect - just enough to enhance but not overwhelm. I actually thought it was patterned paper until you reminded me that you didn't have any in your kit. Good tip about turning things over too; I always forget that as an option.

  3. A new rhythm, well we haven't quite fallen into that here on any long-term basis, anyway. Things are more unpredictable than I thought. I love your design here - and the interesting details too.

    1. Had to laugh at your comment - I wrote this journaling when I retired. My husband retired a year later ;-) THAT is a whole new rhythm!!!

  4. I love the way you did this! Great design-the journaling placement is different and unique, and I love how you made it work with the PL cards!

  5. The way you found inspiration in the original photo and your kit is amazing! it took me a long time to see what you saw! Your page is great and the cards really are a good source of pattern when need be.

  6. Love when things come together without a ton of planning. Great LO and great inspiration.


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