Saturday, September 15, 2018

091518 Shall We Play a Game?

My scrap bestie Lynnette had a wonderful week this summer at her favorite place on earth:

She also had a birthday this month!
So I set out to give her the perfect gift... 

DH cuts & sands a piece of plywood,
and I set out to recreate that awesome font
by printing on label paper to make a set of masks.

I remembered that I had some old checkers found in 
an old tin cigar box scored for a dollar at an antique show.
Would there be enough? Yes, if I paint 3 red ones.

As much as I love fussy-cutting this was 
an easy peasy job in front of the telly.
 Getting excited as I see it taking shape!

Sprayed & dried, then removing the masks.

Turned out awesome! Now the plan was
 to seal it with a tinted stain to age it a bit. 

Unfortunately the paint smeared dreadfully...
I couldn't bear to take a photo.
After a consult with my handy-dandy DH,
we decided we had one of two options:
try sanding it & if that doesn't work?
Start all over... (tearing up at this point!)

Oh my heart - I love it!
I hope she does, too.

And it didn't occur to me until it was on its way
that perhaps they bought the one they were 
playing with for a souvenir...

Not even going there!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Leslie: yours has such a well-worn, well-loved look to it like you intended it to have the appearance of a flea market find! Terrific crafting and gift idea!!!

  2. You'Re the best! What a simply perfectly thought out and thoughtful present.


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