Thursday, February 28, 2019

030119 LOAD Week 4 Roundup

LOAD22 use a sign on your page
Still shots from a hilarious video of our 7 year old grandson teaching Greg to "Take the L"!

LOAD23 (off-prompt) Quick page with photos I had set aside to scrap. Using a collection made it easy-peasy!
I made two other pages today for March team assignments so this had to be quick.

LOAD24 (off-prompt) another photo set aside to scrap. Love the little cartoon guy I found!

I'm the featured scrapper today!
LOAD27 Since I did this in January I did another one today to stay in the habit.
LOAD27 part deux. Off-prompt - another page out of the To Be Scrapped book.
WM#147 be inspired by gift wrapping (that bow, swoon) + LOAD28, what I know.

Well, it's been quite a journey! I'm hoping to keep up daily scrapping + getting some albums done. They will be my traveling companions, I think, when we take a car trip. I'll keep working out of my notebook, too, plus looking for unscrapped photos in my digital archives...

And tomorrow?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What a lovely collection of pretty layouts. Of course, I'm very drawn to that last one ;-). I was a total LOAD fail this time around and didn't even check your featured layout :-( Sorry for that. But it was really lovely and I might be late but sending love your way for the loss of your little friend. So sorry to hear that.


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