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022219 LOAD Week 3 Roundup

LOAD219 Ruby Red Scissors Week 3 Roundup

LOAD15 There's no place like homeb/use blue & white.
 A little cheeky play on words :D
I thought it would be fun to have a screenshot documented of my Facebook home screen.

LOAD16  Crystal ball - scrap a story you witnessed but were not a part of.
 Uh-oh... I read this wrong! I missed the witnessed part - oh well - it's still a page. I am going to get the story from my in-laws when we next see them. They told us all about this car when we were looking at the photos but I can't remember the details, and thought it would be fun to do a He Said/She Said..  Do you like my crystal ball?


WM#128 + LOAD17 Incorporate more on your page using pull-out elements + poppies:

This prompt reminded me of the remembrance poppies. This is a wonderful WWII keepsake made because my father was in the Army serving & was the only living son in the household. The star in the top left corner tells us this & that he was an American (r/w/b colours.) The right top corner are the colours of the German flag, bottom left France's flag, and bottom right the Red Cross symbol.
I've included a little booklet print out of a practice that actually started in WWI of civilians knitting for the troops. They made socks & mufflers & headgear but at home even schoolchildren knit the squares you see here & afghans like this one were made & gifted.
The English motto, "Knit Your Bit" was adopted here in the U.S. I know this was precious to my grandmother as her oldest son had died of polio. It was quite an act of patriotism for many families to send an only son to fight in the war. I've included this on the back of my layout. I used my February CKC kit.

LOAD18  Off prompt. Valentine layout with my CKC February kit. Was determined to use this 2013 full page wood veneer - woohoo!

LOAD19 Make a statement on your page & use clouds.
I made the background white paper with the sentiment as a forgery for my January Counterfeit Kit & was glad to use it. I stitched the one balloon to bring attention to the little rider who is looking down (scared?) or is she praying?

WM#319 + LOAD20 Then & Now + off-prompt (use a photo of yourself)
I stumbled upon the older photos the other day - not sure why they aren't in the trip album? - and thought about the fact that Greg is 62 & doing the stair stepper & how perfect that photo would be with the others to tell this story.  Then the WM#319 prompt yesterday! Meant to be documented today.

The skinny borders are quotes from Trip Advisor that backup the truth of the story while the larger one at the bottom sums up our experience there quite nicely.

LOAD 21 Use small & large embellishments for contrast.
This photo is close to 5 years old but one I've wanted to scrap for-ev-er. It is proof that you can make boy pages with Maggie Holmes paper. Most of the stickers are Sticko brand, which wouldn't come off the backing so every one of those teeny tiny pieces was fussy-cut! I got a cramp in my hand... The tire tracks are made with a model motorcycle I keep in my studio for just such an occasion.

Only one more week... and then Calvinball!

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  1. Looks like you did a fabulous LOAD month and including the WM prompts too makes me happy of course! You know that I loe these ones but all the layouts here are great. So creative and really capturing memories


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