Saturday, August 11, 2012

081112 Today...

Been way too long since we've had our Saturday date day. Hubby dearest got a hankering to make pasta so set out into cyberspace to find an Italian market. Off to Livonia! Being the geographically-challenged woman that I am I had not a clue where it is/how long it would take to get there. More later on that...

(They had me at the "Fresh Baked Bread" sign on the awning, lol :~)

OH, yeah!

This is part of a row of cases of frozen homemade stuffed pastas. Shown here: 
Homemade Gnocchi, Italian Chicken Ravioli, Florentine Pesto Ravioli, 
Italian Sausage & Broccolini Ravioli, Italian Sausage Baci, 
Veal & Porcini Mushroom Baci, Ham & Porcini Blend Ravioli, 
Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli, Portobello Mushroom Giant Ravioli... oh, my!


Can you believe that this aisle runs from front to back of the entire building? 
And I couldn't find alphabet pasta for Lincoln...

We managed to find a FEW things to take home, ahem!
And within our window of opportunity, an unplanned stop on the way home.

 As I said, I didn't know where we were headed until after we were en route. When I realized that we were going past Novi I immediately thought, Do we have time to stop at Archivers? I never did get there in May when I was down there for the MegaMeet or when my kindred spirit came for a visit this summer - she got sick & we couldn't go. Time allowed! My knight in shining armor does it again without even trying - love ya, honey! xo

Oooooooooooo!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!
BAD blogger - I forgot to take pictures when we ATE once we got home!
Oh, man - we got 3 kinds of ravioli to die for plus 2 quarts of sauce, some kind of
unpronouncable bread (they had samples :~) that you soak in olive oil & top with
some stuff we bought, asiago artichoke spread (groan), olives, fresh mozzarella
(probably my favorite cheese), italian sausages both hot & mild, etc.


  1. Wiping the drool from my chin! Not sure which makes me drool more...scrapbook goodies or Italian food! What a great looking store! Sometimes you just need to enjoy your experience without the camera. You'll catch a pic next time. As for your looks divine. Not an Archiver's anywhere near! None in Florida, either! I think the closest would be Ohio and if I have to go that far, I might as well go to Novi! Enjoy, dear friend. You certainly deserve it.

    1. I think it's your duty as a diligent scrapblogger to investigate, and I can only vouch for the store here, so you'd better come, hehe ;~D


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