Saturday, August 25, 2012

082512 Date Day

Our travels today took us south of Lansing to the town of Williamston.

First a visit to the really terrific Williamston Antiques just south of town.
  This is just one of the many aisles - what are you imagining you will find down there?

Just a few of the gorgeous booths

The first time we came here this booth had antique mousetraps! 
They looked like mini-lobster traps - couldn't have figured it out without the tags.
Although I can appreciate the appeal of some mid-century furnishings, 
this booth leaves me somewhat cool.The chairs were nice but the upholstery was awful.


And this lamp! (although I kind of like the phone)

Many wonderful displays

I Spy with my little eye a retro cooler which reminds me of Lynnette's CKC kit!

And this fellow, who followed me home :~)
Anyone care to suggest a name? I think he's French...
(He isn't mounted to the board - he's a papier-mâché masque)

Even the restroom was exciting!
Felt a wee bit like Alice Through the Looking Glass...

On to lunch at a favorite, the Red Cedar Grill.

Look how gorgeous this appetizer is!
(You know you're going to pay too much for your meal when the food has mood lighting)

And I couldn't resist a quick snap of this ice cream shop just outside of Perry on the way home.

Even the "OPEN" sign in the window is shaped like an ice cream cone!

All in all a very fun day with my knight in shining armor, 
who came home & helped me finish my chalkboard. 
(Okay - I confess - it only had one coat of paint in the first post.)

I'm taking Giulliame (Francois? Jean-Claude?) up to the studio to find him a perch...


  1. Oh what a delightful day! Glad you had another chance to get out. And you found a Skotch cooler! Looks just like mine. We have one in a green plaid, too. did you notice how much it was going for? Cool mask...can't wait to see where it finds its home in your room.

    1. $25.00! Don't think I've seen a green one... It was on top of a showcase so I didn't examine it closely. You didn't suggest a name for my companion!

  2. Fabulous photos - what a great day to treasure hunt. And give Jean Claude (?) my best.


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