Saturday, August 18, 2012

081812 The Gilded Inspiration Wall

Remember this teaser?

Let's begin and see where I am going with this!

This was my big $10.00 score at a local antiques mall.
Pretty good for a Renoir, huh?
Of course it's printed on cardboard, lol!
But it's the frame I'm after.

My knight in shining armor cuts an insert for me :~) 

And this will become a wonderful chalkboard!
Now to decide on an arrangement for my inspiration wall.
I measured off the size of the space on the floor.

This one seems off-balance...

This arrangement looks better.

Now to transfer it to the wall.

This is now the view from my scrapdesk!

The portrait is of Aunie.
The empty frame at the top will be strung with a banner - so fun!
The 2 empties at the bottom remain without inspiration as yet.
Any suggestions?
The leopard print fabric top left covers foam core to make a bulletin board.
The bottom left frame is backed with chicken wire 
& I've used mini clothespegs to hold bits & bobs.
The mirror is minus it's County Fair ribbon (seen 
on the desk) & glitter "E" but they will return.

It looks exactly as I pictured it! So happy
Here's the long view...

 Kitty likes it!

Some of my favorite pretties :~)

Coming soon: the rest of the story,
or how I finished off the rest of the space,
including the dreaded closet...


  1. looks delightful! You had a vision and you made it happen! It's so pretty and so useful. The portrait of Aunie is gorgeous! What is the story behind that? You could do a piece of sheet metal for a magnet board or make a french memo board type thing...maybe your remaining frames aren't large enough for that. Or it all else fails...a photo of me! LOL!!! It's coming along. YAY!

    1. Aunie & her mother lived in an apartment house on Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC. Apparently a woman downstairs asked to paint her portrait as practice! I can remember those drapes being in that apartment - very luxurious patterned silk drapes - why didn't I claim those when she moved to Florida? She is & always was a lovely woman - it is hard to see her so debilitated.

  2. Wow, this looks great. And I too would love to hear about Aunie. Maybe you could make a sampler in one of the empty frames where you pin up fabric swatches and pretty trim and buttons. Basic Grey has lots of the bases you could use for inspiration for possible arrangements.

    1. Aunie is my 90 year old maiden aunt who lives with us. She had a stroke a few months ago & is now bedridden, but she led a really interesting life. She is a retired congressional secretary and was in Washington DC during many years of historical events. I have her letters & they are very engaging & informative - maybe a book someday! The portrait was done by a neighbor in her apartment house in DC who wanted the practice. She was & is a lovely woman :~)
      I have seen those BG papers - they really are beautiful in their own right & might be fun! Thx

  3. Greeting Leslie, You have just been awarded the Leibster Blog award here:

    Wall looks great but you know what captures my eye is the basket of stash on the desk. what have we here?

    1. Oh, Sherrie! I am so thrilled. And so happy to have you following me thru cyberspace! You doubled my "membership", lol!
      The stash - on the left are wooden items (so hot right now - I like them so much I have trouble using them, lol) on top of a vintage stamp set & bin of small alpha stamps.
      Middle stacked tin has paint daubers, liquid adhesives, mists, etc.
      That windowbox on the right - I could not resist buying it at TJMaxx as it has a great distressed paint finish on it in a really glorious green color - has some masks & stamps plus a pile of journaling cards. My inking mat is in there, too.
      I am such a visual scrapper that if it is in sight I will more likely use it, so I am trying to organize with that in mind. More to come!


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