Tuesday, August 21, 2012

082112 Well Bust My Buttons!

What a lovely surprise in my inbox today!
I've been awarded (blushing) a Liebster Blog Award.
Humble thanks to Sassy Breese at Muddle Puddle.
All I can say is, "Shucks!"

I hope it's okay that I swiped part of her post, as follows:

The purpose of this award is to give to novice bloggers the chance to make themselves known. It's hard to excel in the plethora of blogs and to become established. A regular readership is important to be perceived in the depths of the www. The award is to be given to bloggers who inspire you and have recorded fewer than 200 regular readers in their followers list. (*LOL - I have one!)
Anyone who has received the award should have the pleasure to give the "Liebster Blog Award" to five other bloggers, who meet the above requirements. If you have received this award, you should do the following:
Post the award on your blog;
Link to your Nominator, as a little thank you!
Give the award to five bloggers that have less than 200 regular followers and inform them about the award.
I knew RIGHT AWAY who would get the first one:  Lynnette at Sassyscrapper! With a total gift at blogging since day one I am inspired by her scrappy skills & enlightened by her tutorials. Congratulations, dear virtual friend!

Second is Magda at m loves paper who takes beautiful photographs & makes wonderful scrapbook pages.

Third is Ashli at Purple Mailbox.com - The Artsy Craftsy Pursuits of Soaphouse Mama who is enticing me into future messy forays into the wild side of scrapping/crafting. (I hope she qualifies - 150+ subscribers)

Fourth is Julie at His Glory Girl "giving her life story to God one page at a time."

Last but not least? Susanne at Snaps and Snippets. She has a marvelous blog voice & wonderful projects & pages.

Ooooh! This is fun - like being given a magic wand & the power to spread a little joy & love. Can't wait to see where this leads from here - enjoy the ride!


  1. Well, thank you, sweet friend!!!! What a nice compliment to receive! Hope you have a great week!

    1. Glad to find a like-minded sister out here in cyberspace :~)
      And I've doubled my following already - 2! lol

  2. Well, my goodness! Thank you so very much! I am so complimented!!!!

    1. Have seriously enjoyed seeing your process - encourages me that it is doable!
      Pass it on :~D

  3. Well done on your Award, thank you for your kind comments on my blog, have a great week! Ada :)

  4. Thanks so very much for choosing me :) I really look forward to checking out the other blogs on your list. I haven't had much time lately but I definitely will do that! I will have to think about who to give the award to...

  5. Oh I'm just catching up this morning and saw this. You are too sweet. Thanks so very much. I'm off to check out the other ladies' blog right now.


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