Saturday, December 8, 2012

120812 Date Day Saturday

Started the day off ready to photograph this layout for the Whimsical Musings #67 Challenge in the daylight, but I'm still not happy with it... I may add another small dark patterned border to the left before I post it.

El came over to keep care of Aunie while we went out about the town, and Lincoln was fascinated with the snow, 

 So Grandpa gave him a closer look

Then we went to a local coin show. These are always fun for my DH as he took one to school for lunch every day as a kid! They sure feel & sound like real money...

I kept busy while I was waiting.

 We got an inside doormat so the new floor won't get ruined

Brought home leftovers from lunch at Logan's Steakhouse

And dessert from Pesto's. That was all we could eat so far!

Enjoyed a wonderful day of getting out, talk-talk-talking grownup talk & just being together :~D

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  1. The photos on your layout are priceless! I loooove them and adore the fact that you've documented the four generations in a scrapbook!!!


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