Monday, September 8, 2014

090814 CKC September Tutorials

This is the first kit that I was able to stock almost exclusively from my stash.
I did like this paper, though, as a potential forgery...

Echo Park Allison Kreft Love Script
I chose the closest font I had (Albura) but changed the sentiment
to "all you need is Jesus" and printed out an 8-1/2 x11" sheet,
making sure to stagger the words at the beginning of each line.

Right click & save to download
The other product that I knew I could forge were
the Scrapbook Circle exclusive cork accents.
May be purchased HERE
I have a roll of actual thin cork but also a backup sheet of
cork patterned paper if things went terribly wrong!

The vintage word stamps were purchased from the lovely
Jenny Bowlin herself at Novi Megameet Expo last May.
They sit on my scrapdesk to remind me to tell the whole story.

Not bad!


  1. Not bad!? They look like the real thing!!! Go you! I know what I need to do with my roll of cork now :)

  2. Great idea! Now I just need the thin cork.Will go hunting for some.


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