Monday, September 29, 2014

092914 Whimsical Musings Challenge #138

Absolutely loved the challenge last week at Whimsical Musings #138 to be inspired by a neutral textural fall mood board seen here.

I could just frame this and hang it up for the next three months!

We are currently in the middle of purchasing a piece of woodland property about 90 minutes away 
for a place to get away to after Greg retires next spring. Just the idea is a refreshment to us!

When we were there last I collected a few leaves & needles to try to identify some of the plants.
The feather is actually from our yard at home & is a dove feather.
The bird of peace - just what we are looking for.

 Our logo is going to be made from some birch logs from there into R+R as seen below.

I constructed this little mock-up from woodgrain drinking straws as the title block.

Can't wait until the deal is done & we can do a little clearing before winter sets in!


  1. enchanting! Love your little logo made of straws and what you've done here. Even including genuine bits and pieces of nature is just pure genius. You truly were inspired. So happy for you! xoxo

  2. How fabulous, will it be available to rent ;)
    Love the cut photos :)

    1. Just name the date! But you will be in a tent until the cabin is erected :D


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