Thursday, November 6, 2014

110614 CKC November Challenge #1

This may sound easy, but...

CKC Challenge #1 Be Inspired by Pinterest

Pinterest is my kryptonite! 
I must stay away or I will go down the rabbit hole of time-sucking creative inspiration
Pets will starve, cupboards will be bare, SOS messages will be left on the dusty furniture... 
you get the picture. Diversion to the point of real life paralysis & atrophy - what a way to go!

To the drawing in my own Pinterest board.
Here's the perfect idea for the photo I'm scrapping.
 And my take...

This paper may be the oldest thing in my kit.
Graphic 45 from 2009!

 This is why even the title is perfect.  My little Yorkie, Lila,
 joins me for breakfast every morning since I retired.

Journaling reads: 
This is what breakfast looks like now that I'm retired. 
No hands on the clock to say when things happen, or when they end.

Hence the banner.

 And the sweet little cluster to show off some of the 
vintage-style goodies in my kit this month.

I loved using that washi to create a border effect at the top & bottom.

Now go grab some inspiration from Pinterest & take the challenge!
 Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog has its own Pinterest link to do the work for you if you need it.

Thanks for stopping.
Let me know you peeked in!



  1. Beautifully done Leslie.
    I can spend hours pinning but then I have no time to "do"!

  2. I love pinterest and manage to limit myself to just a few times a week these days - way too many pins and not enough action! I love your take on the title of the original pin. Super layout and I think I had that paper too - so pretty.

    Great layout, great capture of your life. Fabulous!

  3. Great take on the sketch. Love the no hands on the clock.
    Cindy F.

  4. Oh LOL!! I love your first paragraph!!! Its soooooooooooo true!!! I concur!
    anyway..... LOVE this idea- your that pinned page is just stunning - cant totally see why you picked it! Your lift is amazing too...Love the teacup grouping! And fabby pic.... Oooooh I want a yorkie!! I had a silky terrier for 13 yrs.. miss him to this day.

  5. know me and how I can procrastinate, but for some odd reason, Pinterest works for me. I pin a bit, but not too long and I do actually go back and utilize the things I've pinned. Please don't hate me!! You have done a marvelous job with this. Such a sweet photo of your enchanting little breakfast nook (I'm proud to say I've been there!) and your little companion. The scripty washi provides an interesting border and the handless clock embellie is spot on. Wow...such a warm feeling here. xo

  6. Fabulous! Love your true!

  7. Great lift! Love all the pennants and the vellum. What a wonderful dining companion!!

  8. What a great LO and what a happy little dog you have there!

  9. That little clock banner is a nice touch. Wonderful page.


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