Sunday, March 1, 2015

030115 CKC March kit reveal

Wow, is this year just flying by already?

Here we are at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog with another FAB kit to forge,
and welcoming another wonderful Guest Designer, Janine Rachau!
Janine has been playing along with us for awhile now & is a prolific & inspiring scrapper.

The base of the kit is the MME 6x6" Jubilee "Tangerine" paper pad.
This is my worksheet using the original for hunting/gathering my papers,
my usual staring point for creating my kit each month.

But I was uninspired... :-(
Thankfully, I discovered these Jubilee products in my stash:

Let's take a look inside the Magic Blue Box, shall we,
at my Rogue Gourmet Cake Kit?
A little nod to our kit producer, A Piece of Cake Designs!

Link HERE for the Rogue Gourmet's cake recipe!
First I pulled some realistic black & white papers.
I added the balloon motif, wood, & arrows in a nod to the original.
Grabbed a selection of 6x6" pads that tied to the color scheme.
I am determined to bust a lot of my 6x6" stash this year!

Then some bits & bobs. The wood veneers instead of the stickers, gelatos,
some bling to go with the sequins, a big fat tied-up-with-ribbon
stack of flair, and a few of Shimelle's stickers for good luck.

And here you have it! My Rogue Gourmet Cake kit.

(Pssst...anyone notice the clover playing cards? It is March, after all - wink wink!)

I never tire of putting together a forgery of the monthly Counterfeit Kit at CKC.
 My best tip for creating a counterfeit kit?

 Make it your own - one that you will use. I frequently deviate from
the inspiration with the color scheme or overall feel of my kit.   I almost
always begin with the papers and attempt to stay true to the mix of pattern types.
All of the other bits & bobs just need to play along nicely :-)

A lot of the current trendy products are a little too geometric or graphic for me.
That said, it IS good to get out of your comfort zone a little & play with the trends...

Here's the hop. Make sure that we get to see what kit YOU put together
& scrap with this month by posting your kit & pages at the CKC blog Monthly Link!
Guest Designer Janine:

Thanks for stopping by :-)


  1. Magnificent! You nailed it, in my opinion. Your black and white papers look so fun! I can't wait to see what you do with them and love the October afternoon sheet with the balloon. I bet that you are successful in working through some of that 6x6, as well. Such a great variety of wonderful goodies! I hope that we spur each other on to get through our large kits! :)

  2. Another mega kit! Wow! And really, a great counterfeit of the original - there's definitely the same "feel" to your own kit. I like the look of the Jubilee items you've included and wish I'd had some to include. I spy lots and lots of items and papers that I love and know that you will combine them in awesome ways! Your tip is great and one I follow very often too. I rarely have stuff that matches the inspiration kit so rogue is certainly the way I go with mine too! I simply ADORE that orange ribbon you used to tie up your embellies - that really grabbed my attention :-)

    I think I'll steer clear of the cake recipe - NY didn't exactly help my diet!!

  3. Thanks for the cake Leslie, I'll finish my slice over at Lisa's...
    I love your addition of 6x6 pads - a lovely kit!

  4. Another brilliantly BIG kit in that blue box! Thanks for the Captain Jack fix too - rogue is definitely the way to go!

  5. Wow, love it. So large and happy, me thinks. And now I'm off to search through my OA Public Library to see if I have that darling balloon paper too!

  6. The first thing I spied was the green card and the clover leaf. Hurrah for March! Green seems to be out of favour for as long as geometric has been in vogue. Sigh. I know it will all go full circle eventually. Lovin' your mega kit. Now where did I move my 6x6 pads to last???

  7. I love your kit!! Gorgeous forgery! Should be heaps of fun to play with, as I am getting inspiration from looking at it!

  8. Fabulous kit! I love the forgeries too :) Yep going Rouge can add lots to the flavor of the kit :)

  9. Another great tip Leslie..go rogue...I must try that :)
    I like everything in your kit especially all those flairs. Its also good to be using up the 6x6 pads.

  10. I can't believe that whole bundled pack is all flair! I wish they were fanned out so I could see them all! Hopefully many of them will be highlighted on your layouts. I always love how you make the kits uniquely YOU. You are on such a scrapping roll that I know this is going to be another productive month for you. xoxo

  11. You made me feel better about all the things I have pulled for my first kit. Love all the stuff you have pulled for your kit..

  12. I love that black and white frame paper - was hoping that I had a piece of it to add to my kit but couldn't find it. You have some really fun embellishments to play with too this month. Looking forward to seeing what you make! (And that's a LOT of flair!)

  13. I love your Rogue-ness! This is a YUMMY kit!!

  14. Fab kit! Can't wait to see your creations!

  15. that is one amazing kit, well done.


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