Wednesday, March 4, 2015

030415 CKC March Tutorial

Well, this month I only had a few simple forgeries.

It's always worth sharing, though, as counterfeiting is not a mystical magical skill!
It's usually just seeing an element of the kit & thinking - 
Hey! I have those (such-and-such) that I could (do such-and-such to) and it would look just like that.

Like this sheet of kraft frames from Jillibean Soup...

I want them to look like these in the kit, also from Jillibean Soup.
(hmm... hadn't realized that until this post...)

Voila! a simple woodgrain stamp transforms those plain-Jane frames.

Now I have squirreled away this little roll of cork for many years.
(I think the only time I have used it is for forgeries, lol!)

I simply cut a strip the same width as the ruler to make it easy.
Cut two pieces, cut the corners & punched the hole.

These cork tags from the custom items in the kit are what I'm trying for.

But I'm wanting something a little more interesting.

A little stitching makes them MINE!
Fair warning, though. Cork IS tough, but be careful close to the edge.

Now take a look at this month's inspiration kit shown here:

and choose a favorite element to forge!

And don't forget to post your creations to the Monthly Link-Up tab on the CKC blog.

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  1. Genius! Love the orange Xs on the cork! Thanks, GF!

  2. Fantastic forgeries!! Love the frames especially!

  3. the stamped frames are awesome! I had a go with a sheet of cork myself today, spurred on by you. It was very fragile but the Big Shot worked nicely. Love how you personalised yours!

  4. Love those stamped frames...I think I need to get a woodgrain stamp. And some cork sheets too!

  5. How did I miss this on the 4th? Anyhow, glad I was passing through. These are fantastic! Especially, love those frames. Your woodgrain stamp is really nice!

  6. gorgeous frames, and sweet tags - well done on the sewing.


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