Tuesday, March 31, 2015

040115 Archi-scraps April Challenge

There are really no end of intriguing architectural photographs in the world!

Challenge: Use something on your layout at an unusual angle.
This was a stumper for a good while.
I decided to go looking for some photos that might include a similar color scheme.

Meet Fred


I have been having fun lately adding random stamping to my pages.
This time I added some appropriate rub-ons, too!

It's amazing what you find in all the things you've been collecting when you actually have a good rummage through. This page became quite whimsical & I love it. That makes a fun story even more entertaining. I gave Fred a little stamped crown (and wouldn't you know I found a better one in my rub-ons but too late) and the "awesome" element & "wassup" word just seemed perfect.

I mean, what else would you say - seeing the world for the first time?

Thanks for stopping by!

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