Wednesday, September 30, 2015

100115 Archiscraps October Challenge

Another intriguing Archiscrap inspiration this month!

At first I got a little sidetracked with the colors, but then 
a happy accident brought this to me via Whimsical Musings #184

I thought those strips at the bottom could be modified to look like mosaic,
plus I remembered that I had these sweet little Prima tiles.

I was envisioning them smooshed into modeling paste...
funny how far from your original inspiration you can get!
I did use the modeling paste to add this beautiful lace effect.

I raided my 6x6" paper pad hoard for any & all possibilities.
I am trying to remember this grossly overlooked resource!

A few Prima flowers, vellum lace borders a little stitching, and my
favorite die cut of the delicate vining flowers out of vellum fill things in nicely.

Meet my new granddaughter, Adelaide Elise!

Was sooo nice to play with pretty things.


  1. I can't believe I missed this! GORGEOUS!!! So many wonderful and dainty details just perfect for the newest little princess - each section is such a delight to look at. I hope you frame this and put it on display!
    (I just started using modeling paste and I'm afraid I'm addicted - I love that lace stencil you used. I'm off to see if I can find it somewhere so I can add it to my little collection.)

  2. I just commented on Flickr that this is GORGEOUS and of course, it really is! I love the detail you've added and the close up shots really give me an idea of the work and detail you've got on the page - the modelling paste is genius and the die cut vine flowers out of vellum is just beautiful - you know how much I love vellum. nThe photo of course steals the show but you have done amazing justice to both the challenges and I take off my hat to you!


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