Friday, September 4, 2015

090315 CKC September Tutorials

This month's CKC kit to forge presented a huge opportunity for you to shine!
Every item is a Studio Calico exclusive, so odds are your stash won't yield a direct match.
But the good news is that the patterns are very simple & graphic.

Studio Calico "Pop Art" kit

My "Stolen Masterpieces" forgery
This is the best look at their patterned papers.

My papers:

All but the first two were made from scratch!
I used 8-1/2 x 11" size to make it easy to use my home printer.

In no particular order...

In the SC full kit photo it was clear that this was an "8" from a cloud image.
My husband was a meteorologist so I have a full range of cloud papers ;~)

I simply took a piece of 8-1/2 x 11" cardstock, folded it in half and using
 3" & 4" punched circles folded in half, I traced those shapes as a pattern.
Then I measured 1" away every inch or so to get a cutting line for the outside.

The SC text paper had Summer phrases with the occasional phrase highlighted.
I used another poem. Easy-peasy! Just print & scrap.

This paper was so simple, too.
Pink cardstock, yellow & black paint - bam!
A little trick to making painted circles?
Use the wrong end of your paint brush & you get a nice round dot.

This one's even easier! 
I would be surprised if everyone doesn't have a version of this in their kit.
I used kraft instead of gold... punched circles, stuck 'em down.

Well, I thought I had this all figured out, but...
that row at the bottom went one too far - oh, well!
(You hadn't even noticed, had you?)

I subbed in fussy-cut feathers for the ferns...

...from these free printable images by Oh, So Lovely

All of these PL style cards came from free printables:

Popsicles card from Design Love Fest
Happy, Jesus Saviour & clouds cards from Danielle Burkleo
(also the floral forged paper)
Mountains card from Oh So Lovely
Bear w/constellations by Jo Cheung from Feed Your Soul
More printables from Design Love Fest were used for my
 transparencies, as well as some black & white stamped images.
I printed them onto transparency paper & punched them out.

This turned out to be a bit problematic.
The punches weren't keen on going cleanly through the transparency.
It helped a bit to back them with paper but I could have easily wrecked my punches.
Simpler perhaps to just freestyle, like the arrow & banner.

All of these printable links were featured in a post by our own Lisa Hausmann
on the first link of Recklinghausen Musings 15 Loves {August 2015} post
Be sure you keep up regularly with the Master Forger blogs!
LOADS of inspiration there.

Don't forget that when you use free printables it should be
for your own personal use & not for resale of any sort,
and link to the original artist whenever possible.
 Naming my kit "Stolen Masterpieces" was a big nod to the artwork
shared so generously by all of the artists, as well as a play on the word forgery.

I hope you've been inspired!
Nothing was especially creatively challenging but the end results looked great :~)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love all of your tutorials and your layouts every month!

  2. Amazing job as usual Leslie! I had that same issue with the punches and transparencies - I could get them to work once and then I really thought I was going to break the punch so I gave up. I will definitely be checking out the links you gave too - thanks!

  3. I really can't get over how much your papers look like the originals. I'm in awe!

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it truly are a MASTER forger. This is remarkable! Good to put in the little disclaimer to remind everyone how these "forgeries" should be used :) Thanks so much for your continued dedication to this monthly feature. xoxo

  5. What a fantastically inspiring set of forgeries! I've set my kit up now, but will be saving some of these ideas and links for future use! Cannot wait to see how you use them all in your projects x

  6. It's a bit of a game, I play by myself, when the kit is revealed. I guess which items you will tackle on the fourth. The obvious ones (ahem, the one's that I think, "hey, I could do that." ) are easy to pick out. But then you go above and beyond, and over the top. Fantastic ideas. You always push me a little more into considering further possibilities.

    1. (blushing) I love the idea of you doing this! I will be thinking about it on the next reveal, which I think will DEFINITELY have you stumped... So happy to inspire you xo

  7. You are still the Queen of Forgery! And I love all your takes - I could have done one or two , but honestly? As many as you managed??? Never. Perfect and inspiring . And how lovely that you used some of the printables from my link :-)


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