Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Alaska Trip: Day Nine, Skagway

9:30 am

Bags out but we didn't get to shop Whitehorse last night due to our excursion,
so we camped out in front of the amazing North End Gallery to be able to
get 10 minutes inside before reporting to the bus! Found some beautiful work
by local artisans that will grace our Alaska wall when we get back home.

 Now we are off to the Yukon Suspension Bridge & a ride
to Skagway on the White Pass & Yukon Railroad along the
Chilkoot Trail that ushered the gold rush into the North.

But first along the way... Emerald Lake

Visited Carcross.

We found out about fat tire bikes from our canyon hike guide.
The tires are 6" wide & can handle snow & ice, mud & gravel.
A pretty expensive specialty bike at a hefty $2,000 but a great way to
expand your options to enjoy the off-road terrain, especially in the colder months.

This was an unplanned photo stop so I don't even know where we were.
Both our driver & guide had never seen it look like this!
Perfect weather & the smooth-as-glass surface made it picture perfect.
I think it looks like a jigsaw puzzle image, lol - another special blessing.

Yukon Suspension Bridge

Another trapper's cabin...

Our trip continues with a ride from Fraser down to Skagway on the White Pass Railroad

Greg took to the trains like I took to the boats.

Chilkoot Pass - just crossed the British Columbia/US border!

Don't look down...

That straight line on the opposite hillsides is the train track.

What a great job...


Wish I had remembered to take these footsie pics more often on this trip.
That shadow is the trestle in the next pic.

Definitely outlived its usefulness.

 Still running across gold dredges!

Hello, Skagway!
Here is where we join the cruise ship tomorrow.

After we paddle out to a glacier!


  1. awesome!!! I am just loving this photo series of yours. Makes me want to plan a second trip to Alaska :) Skagway was one of my favorite ports when we did our cruise.

  2. Wow - some really amazing scenery and photos! I think I've found a new place to add to our travel bucket list. My husband would definitely love the train too.

  3. I've happy memories of the train at Skagway and the ride to the top of the mountain. Your photos look wonderful!

  4. We did do the railroad but it was interesting to drive along the roads and see the rail tracks slice across the mountains. That lake photo is perfect - simply stunning. Such happy memories.


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