Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Alaska Trip: Day Eleven, Cruising Glacier Bay

7:30 am

Awoke our first morning on the ship.
God gave us an orca breaching right outside our window!
If we both hadn't seen it, I don't think we would have believed it.

Heading topside as apparently we are in the vicinity of glaciers!


Hot pea soup on deck. Marvelous idea, and delicious!


Hoodie hair! I really wanted to remember this back alley way
we had to use to get use to get out onto the deck on the prow.

We saw a number of glacier inlets so the photos are a bit of a jumble,
but they capture the unique beauty of the Inland Passage.

Tomorrow? Going ashore to Ketchikan.


  1. Isn't it amazing? I loved glacier bay especially watching the glaciers calving. Did you see the island full of seals?

    1. No! We only saw seals twice... one time too far away to really tell that's what they were.

  2. I'm just astounded by these photos - every day is more beautiful than the last. Our world is certainly filled with beauty and wonder!

    1. Susan, you two really do have to do this trip. Spectacular... God is truly an amazing Creator! We booked through AAA & got a lot of extra excursions included.

  3. Seeing glaciers is on my bucket list. these photos reinforce that idea. I went up a dead one in Canada but all that ice is simply breathtaking! love these photos.


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