Saturday, August 18, 2018

081818 Whimsical Musings #227

Whimsical Musings Challenge #227 
Be inspired by this pinned colour scheme of teal, aqua, pale green, orange and coral with a hint of metallic.
I matched up these photos with this challenge and promptly tucked them away in my list of unscrapped prompts!  I am intending to use the 300th prompt anniversary to finally achieve so many of the ideas on my unfinished prompt list. No pressure!!!

First a couple of details before the reveal. I almost always mail myself a postcard when we travel & I wanted to include this one on the page and be able to read the message on the back. I'm almost finished with a traveler's notebook about this trip and there wasn't any room for it in there.

 The card is kind of heavy & the clips aren't very firm, so I chose my next-to-the-last pair (gasp!) of magnetic snaps from Basic Grey to hold it in place & remove it.

 Here's the whole page:

These little string bows are trending right now so I made one out of bakers twine.
Metal accents per the prompt include a fleur-de-lis which appears on the New Orleans flag.

I added copper sequins to accent one of the floral elements.  

A little nod to the musical culture of the city.

A fun page to play around with!
Thanks, Lisa & Pam, for 300 inspiring Whimsical Musings challenge prompts <3

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. FABULOUS! I commented over on FB but am so glad that I came over to see what you were sharing here. Now I get all the detail shots and info - I'm terribly curious! Some might even say nosey ;-)

    The idea of sending yourself a postcard is genius! I think I might have to start doing that. I buy dozens and dozens of cards and send out one or two and then just take the rest home. But sending one in the post is a great idea and I will try to get into the habit. I like the idea of being able to get a gist a what you were thinking right there while you were there.

    Lovely page with the colours, the black and white elements and the metal A worthy page for the prompt!

    I appreciate your support and creativity so much. Thanks for joining in - it's always a pleasure to see what you do with my ideas :-) <3


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