Sunday, January 27, 2019

012719 - 2017 Fall Break Travelers Notebook

One of my scrappy goals this year is to tackle the unfinished projects in my studio. Some are works in progress, others have just been hunted & gathered. First one done! (Photo heavy post)

I made the album ahead to (unsuccessfully) scrap on the road.

I have a seashell souvenir to add to the elastic closure once I drill a hole...

You'll notice how much ephemera I collect! This book is extremely layered, even for me. There are bundles & pockets of photos, menus, receipts, etc that require hands-on exploration.

The gnome at the gas station before we left town.
Passed a bunch of carnival rides heading to their next stop.
Amazing barbecue joint. Tried to buy a rib for Lila so they gave us a huge shoulder blade!

Lots of rescue vehicles heading south to be ready for Hurricane Irma... prayed a lot on this trip.
So glad to be with our Georgia peaches.
This is the drawing Chloe made on the paper tablecloth in the next photo.


One of New Orleans amazing historical cemeteries.

Photos in the kraft envelope of our FAB meal.

Masses of fleeing hurricane victims backing up the freeways.



This may be the fattest mini I've ever made!

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  1. WOW! That is the largest stuffed taco I've ever seen!!! :) Well, TN at least!!! I'm going to try to remember how you layered those photos/postcards as a super cool way to save space and pages!!! Looks like you had a marvelous time traveling and got to see, do, & meet lots of places, things, & people!!!!

  2. Thanks, Becca! Actually I may have to deconstruct this as I discovered a whole portion of the trip as well as the trip home that is missing! �� May have to buy some big binder rings & punch some holes.


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