Friday, January 4, 2019

010419 CKC January Forgeries
Counterfeit Kit Challenge
It is no crime to create your own version of the trendy, 
hip products from the inspiration kit using your own stash and ingenuity.

 A new year, a new look...

Susan is first up for 2019 inspiration!
October 2018 Felicity Jane "Hannah"
I tackled two of the papers shown in the Jen Schow unboxing video HERE

& my own variation of these tulle bows

The circles were a quick job with a Sharpie pen. I liked more variety in the sizes but had to choose to like the messy scribbled look. The sentiment came from the stamp set in the inspiration, only my own version:

I felt that for me the sweet tulle bows were a little too precious, so I fashioned mine from crepe paper.

I sewed the embroidery floss to the center of each strip of crepe paper with a zigzag stitch, which allowed me to gather it in & tie it together, nice & full.

Oh, I do love the forging almost as much as the memory keeping!
Hope you are inspired.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Aren't you clever?! Love all three items. I like the way you picked out the items and then adapted them to suit your own style and needs and then "chose" to love the result! Perfect and a perfect way to start the year. I would never have thought to do a zig zag stitch along the middle of the bow - I really want to give these a try and will keep that in mind! A perfect set of forgeries!

  2. Leslie: I love your clever intro for your blog post!!! And your forgeries are fantastic!!!

  3. Worry Less. Pray More! Exactly the sentiment I need to surround myself with. And I have to agree. Creating a look-alike product is intrinsically rewarding. Since I don't find much time to play, now-adays, just thinking about how I would recreate a paper or embellie gives me a reason to smile. The polka-dot crepe is adorable.


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