Thursday, March 12, 2020

031220 CKC March Challenge #1

Master Forger Lori's first challenge:  

Pick Three! I want you to pick 3 items from the list below and include them on your layout. You can use more than 3 things from the list and you can use other things, not on the list, but do include 3 items from the list.
  • Stars
  • Enamel dots
  • Chipboard
  • Florals - this can be paper or embellishments
  • Stripes
  • The color Pink
  • Circles
  • Tag(s)
  • Frames(s)
    I've got chipboard, stripes, the color pink, a circle, and frames.

    Had as much fun making this as I did on this girls' day out.

    Look over your kit for the items on the list, and if you can't find what you want? Raid your stash! Love working off of a list.

    And don't forget - there's more inspiration coming this month!

  • March 18th: We'll give you two challenges to help you use the kit you've made.
  • March 24th: I'll be showcasing one of the CKC community who's caught my eye this month
  • March 30th: We'll be offering another installment in our {Killing Kits} series to help you find ways to use up all of your kit.

    We always love to see your work, so please share your kits and projects with us.
    You can use our Monthly Link-up page, post them in our Facebook Community, or share them on Instagram (we are @counterfeitkitchallenge or tag us using #counterfeitkitchallenge and #ckcmarch2020).
    Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the birdies holding the banner. Great layout Leslie and so happy to that I'm not the only one who didn't do just three.
    Cindy F

  2. I love it! It looks really great!


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