Thursday, March 26, 2020

032620 All About Me album

SO EXCITED to be able to take this year-long class with the legendary Stacy Julian! Twenty projects in 2020 - sounds impossible, but not when you're getting great advice that can apply to anything you need/want to accomplish in any genre. Great news for this disorganized procrastinator :D 

Although we are all pursuing our own particular projects, this February All About Me mini-book was the only assignment for everyone. It provided a great snapshot into our lives right now. How ironic that only days later life would become so different... but that's another project.

I used a Close to My Heart/Story by Stacy kit that I randomly won from Persnickety Prints, which included the PP t-shirt in my photo at the end of the album.

My introduction page is one of my Artist Trading Cards (ATC).

I heard someone call the 60-80 years, "The Fourth Quarter" & I liked that thought. I added a photo of my aging hand, which is beginning to have spots & knobby knuckles.

Still amazing to me that I can get an answer to just about every question from this gadget! My phone, my camera, my connection to so many that I love to keep up with, my source of crafty inspiration, my encyclopedia & reference library, my answering service, my social center, my diary, etc...

Social Security! Been waiting a long time for my money to be returned to me.

Tongue-in-cheek nod to my global community scrappy affiliations.

My high school sweetheart!

The grands <3

Changing times...

My anchor, my rock, my Saviour.

This was supposed to be a photo shoot with my daughter but kept getting postponed...

A little note to myself.

Now that I've written this post I may go back & add pull out tags with these comments.

Thanks for stopping by!

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