Saturday, July 31, 2021

080121 Archi-scraps August Challenge


Concentric arches

 How does she do it??? Julene's Archi-scraps challenges are truly unique.

My mind immediately went to this stencil:

to make this background:

I know, I know - they're upside down. That's because they're raindrops!
Next I'm adding wet umbrellas.

Clear embossing powder on black paper works as wet umbrellas!

Inspired by this stitching by scrappy friend, Tara O'Rourke, 

I added sequin raindrops!

The custom cut clamshell shapes are another raindrop element.
The music paper reinforces my title,

My husband is a retired meteorologist & this became a very creative homage to his career.

So how do concentric circles speak to you?

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  1. This prompt really makes my brain start stirring with creative juice! Your layout is absolutely amazing!


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