Sunday, July 4, 2021

070421 July CKC Forgery on the Fourth


 So here is where Master Forger of Ceremonies Lisa drew her inspiration this month!

Paper Person April 2021 New Episode kit

I "tore" right into my forged papers & "punched" my way to counterfeiting victory! The papers I chose to forge from the American Crafts Buenos Dias collection by Obed Marshall are: 

this specialty paper,

(made with 12x12" white cardstock & punched shaped confetti)

the En Casa paper,

(made with a perfect 6x8" mystery scrap & more punched shaped confetti)

and Sorpresa.

 (layers of torn cardstock as close as I could come to the colours)

The leftovers from the tearing came in handy to punch the confetti from, which (bonus!) makes it all look like it belongs together. I'm thinking I'll have to hunt up some throwback desert photos to use with this forgery.

I hope these counterfeits continue to encourage you to try an easy-peasy approach to forging whichever elements catch your eye. Bring new life to your forgotten stash! Be sure to share and of course, as always, we have a full month of inspiration to keep you inspired! 

You can look forward to these posts in July:

  • 6th July: Mini-kit Reveal and Project Showcase - inspiration for a smaller kit or project idea 
  • 12th & 18th July: Challenges #1 & #2 - to inspire you to get creating from your own kit 
  • 24th July: Follower Showcase - who has caught our eye this month 
  • 31st July: Killing Kits - an idea or two for using up the bits & pieces left in your kit box 

You KNOW that we always love to see your work, so please share your kits and projects with us. You can post them in our Facebook Community, or share them on Instagram (we are @counterfeitkitchallenge or tag us using #counterfeitkitchallenge and #ckcjuly2021).

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  1. All fantastic ideas Leslie. I looked at yours and said "Why didn't I think of that?" I might be stealing an idea here.


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