Friday, May 4, 2012


Well, technically this is my LOAD Day 3 layout, but inspiration was late coming on this prompt. I finally opted to scraplift another page from the gallery that was r/w/b.

The hidden journaling tag says:
I never was much of an athlete, but in my freshman year of high school I played Powder Puff softball. I was so bad they stuck me out in right field :~)  The only ball ever hit to me I actually caught! I was so excited I jumped up & down screaming, I got it! I got it! Everyone else was jumping & screaming, too, but  it turned out to be only the second out & the others on base all scored - so much for my big moment...

I can remember this moment like it was yesterday. The team even won a trophy although I don't remember why! It's probably in my attic - wow - that's a scary thought...

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  1. I just adore this layout. I NEVER played an organized sport, but I could imagine if I had, THIS would have happened to me! What can I say...I'm just not a natural born athlete. Lookin' good, Smith...lookin' good!


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