Thursday, May 10, 2012

Catching Up with WM Challenges: #36 Earth

Over at Whimsical Musings there have been a lot of weekly challenges lately that have taken awhile to gel in my mind. One was inspired by Earth Day but was left just as Earth to keep it more open-ended. Well, I was thinking of taking garden pictures, but nothing was really taking a hold of me...

My coworker was off today & so I opened the mail.
Look what I found!

Free scrapbook paper!

All of these "papers" were found inside mailing envelopes meant for mailing payments. The designs provide security in that no one holding up the envelope can determine the contents. Suddenly the inspiration hit that these were "Earth-friendly" items if I could recycle/upcycle them.

I was surprised & delighted to find such a variety of patterns & colors.
I mean - seriously - bright green hexagon??? How cutting edge can you get, lol?

Here is what I made:

I even used some of the colored paper from the check stubs.
And I scored this sailboat embelli for my stash:

Do you think I could get opening the mail added to my job description? :~D


  1. Wow, what a brilliant use of your serendipitous finds. Lovely page - and very earth-friendly!

  2. I just adore everything about this page! How it came to be and the final product.

  3. AMAZING work - great, great page!

  4. Hi! I'm having so much fun during're doing a great job! I wanted to stop by to tell you how much I loved your use of envelopes on this page - very eco-friendly - and I had to share the link to your post on my blog! Such a great page! Here's my post if you'd like to take a look (you probably saw my hexagon layout earlier this year):


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