Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Manic Monday Indeed!

Our challenge today for LOAD Day 7 was a 30-Minute layout. Here's mine:

How easy was this with my French Connection kit at hand? I had come up with the poem yesterday & knew which photos I wanted to go with it, so most of the time was spent deciding on product (as usual!), not crafting the layout. The background paper already had the postmark graphic up in the corner, and I thought the maps were perfect. And it literally only took 30 minutes!

Before LOAD I would never have even entertained the idea of a "quickie" page. My first one was this:

I can still remember how heart-pounding it was to put this together "under the gun" so to speak! I was up at midnight when the prompt was posted & I felt like it was cheating to spend all the next day thinking about it, so I sat down right then to crank it out! It's possible that this was the first time I had put my own handwriting on a page. I spent most of my time editing & printing the photos, and it turned out to be really loose & fun.

That's the bottom line appeal to me of doing LOAD - each time it pushes my comfort zone out of the way & I forge new territory in my scrap journey :~)


  1. What a clever and funny (ok, maybe not funny at the time) page! The mug shot is awesome!!

    1. I know, haha! My husband came in from the garden & asked me to come help him figure out what was eating on the lettuces (thinking it was an insect). First thing I see is a hoofprint!!! She actually jumped the fence...
      Thanks for looking!

  2. Oh great pages - LOAD seems to suit you. I like the poem on the first page, it reminds me of one I wrote for a gathering of my basket buddies - I'll have to get it out and scrap it. Thanks for the reminder and the nudge.

    1. That is so neat! I hope you find it & do that page :~)
      Glad to enable you, lol. And thx for looking!


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