Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NSD Giveaway

And the winner is???

(my lovely assistant is my 89 year old aunt, Aunie!)

Here is her comment:
The Counterfeit Kit Challenge is one of my favorite blogs! I added your blog hop to my round up of National Scrapbooking Day Online Happenings Links: (look here)

Congratulations, Katie! Only problem is you didn't say what your fave color is :~)   I am heading to Novi MI on Thursday for the Great Lakes MegaMeet to shop for a prize & will post a pic.

Honorable Mentions to the following ladies who posted the links to their pages:
li-bee-ti  (look here)
KindleLover  (look here)
Rebecca at How I Burb  (look here)
I think I will send you each a little envelope of punched hexagons in your color :~)

Thanks to everyone for hopping along!
This was my first blog hop & I loved meeting/seeing y'all.


  1. I love lots of colors especially orange, hot pink and lime green and aqua.... I'll email you my address & THANK YOU!!

  2. That's really sweet, thanks! I'll message you my info.

  3. Oh, and have fun at GLMM. I've always wanted to go, but the date never worked for me. Maybe next year.....

    1. Well, plan B. My daughter sits with my elderly aunt who lives with us & she was up all night with my grandson, so she is here sleeping & I am watching Lincoln! If she wakes up early enough I will go, otherwise I will try to go Saturday...was looking for a "partner in crime" to go with me - maybe you & I next year? :~)

  4. Thank you for featuring my layout! It was a fun challenge. I had taken that photo for Project Life but decided it needed it's own layout.

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