Saturday, May 12, 2012


Well, the best laid plans of mice & men...

Supposed to go to the Megameet yesterday in Novi, but baby Lincoln had a really rough night (I found out at 3:30 am with a desperate phone call) & I was needed as mama's caregiver instead. Everyone is recharged & new plans have been laid.

Another big disappointment was that my LOAD layout was just NOT coming together - loved the idea but I took it too literally, and got stuck waiting for glitter to dry, etc... finally gave in & got in bed at a decent hour.

The prompt was to be inspired by a cereal box! Well, we don't keep our cereal in the box but in canisters. I remembered, though, that I had bought something recently and loved the packaging so on the hunt I went. I tried to capture some of the basics that I liked: clean graphic style, lovely little cluster accents, and room for some journaling below.

Isn't this cute?

Not my favorite layout by a long shot, but sooner or later during LOAD I do it all the way I planned & it falls flat. I am not happy when I get too literally inspired, and it's good to be reminded of that! Onward...but this will need a rehab...stay tuned :~)

My big save was working from my French Connection kit - so nice to have my choices narrowed down ahead of time - I seem to always be able to find something that will work! It is fun to work with limits.

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  1. Sounds like you learned some things here about yourself and that's always positive! Next time you encounter a prompt like this, you'll know to pass or really keep it loose. Knowing you, I know this will be bugging you until you rehab it! I'm sure you'll find something you are happy with and like I said on flickr...if you're still not lovin' it, at least Aunie's story will have been told. Carry on, Miss Leslie!


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