Saturday, April 4, 2015

040415 CKC April Tutorials

Our inspiration kit this month was the first ever Messy Box from ABM/A Beautiful Mess. 
A highly graphic, smaller scale kit designed for pocket style scrapping.
I challenged myself to come as close as humanly possible to the original.

I began my  “Messy Throwdown" kit forgery with the simple vellum confetti. 
My hearts aren’t wonky but I could pretty well match most of the  vellum colors.

Next up was the 9x12" hugs & kisses paper. 
I have a great Autumn Leaves Stampology alpha stamp set that I thought would fill the bill. 
I’ve included it in my kit to possibly use for titles & sentiments. 

To keep it looking a little more random, I turned the X in different directions, and used both 
the zero & O as they had different looks. A simpler idea would be to use a broad stroke Sharpie!


Next was the simple 9x12" dot paper. 

I wanted something a wee bit more interesting, so I rummaged around in my stencils & background stamps and found this dotty circle mask. I decided I only wanted part of the circle on my paper, so I made a quick cover up for the white paper out of kraft cardstock – heavy duty enough to stand up to some heavy misting without bleed through.

I off-stamped the inky mask onto another piece of white cardstock to mimic the 2-sided reverse colorways in some of the items in the kit. I decided, though, that I didn’t need to do that with everything.   

I think these turned out pretty cool!

 There were three sets of cards in the inspiration kit - 4x6", 3x2" & 2x2".

Some of the cards begged to be forged, like the simple L-O-V-E card. 

 All it takes to make a perfect painted dot is the non-business end of a paintbrush! 
Practice a little on a scrap until your dots are fairly uniform. I traced out the letters in pencil first. 
Caution: do NOT try to erase the pencil until the paint has dried COMPLETELY. .. (don’t ask)

My 3x2" cards.
The "make a MESS" card was another easy counterfeit. 

Their 2x2" cards.

The small numbered cards seemed an easy forge, just had to unearth these rub-ons from 2005.  
 That’s what we’re all about here at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge – 
turning our old tired stash into trendy stuff that will get used!

The striped cards with sentiments were another easy counterfeit.
The arrow was the easiest of all!
(That patterned paper bottom right was on old forgery still in my stash)

The days of the week washi was a cinch - black cardstock & day stamps!
I added a little double-sided tape to the back so it's ready to stick down.

And don't forget that you can check the CKC archived posts for the monthly forgery tutorial.
We have covered a vast array of techniques to make your own counterfeits. 
Now take a closer look at this Messy Box unboxing video 
to see what elements get your creative forging juices flowing!

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  1. Oh my. You really went to town with the forgeries this month! I love the idea of creating the 'love' card - so simple, but effective! Have fun playing with everything!

  2. An amazing set of forgeries this month Leslie - you've outdone yourself! You beautifully replicated every last detail. I can't decide on my favorite: it's between the washi tape and the hugs & kisses paper. And it's nice to know that I'm not the only one with supplies from 2005 - there's so much satisfaction in getting those items used.

  3. Unbelievable! You are amazing. Such a great copy of the kit, but you've added your own touches that make it totally yours. I adore the marquee light looking PL card and the XO paper. The idea of using the O and the zero is brilliant. Whether readers directly follow these tutorials or not, THAT type of tip is one that will broaden the mind of a true master forger. Thanks for all of these fantastic contributions.

  4. fabulous - i bow to your master forgery! i absolutely adore the XO paper - how much fun is that and you really couldn't tell it from the original. I really think you perfected this kit piece by piece! wonderful!

  5. Thanks for the tip(s) on the L-O-V-E card. I intend to add that one using blackboard cardstock. Can I repay you with a tip? When replicating the xoxo paper, off stamp the edges so you have half an x or half an o showing. In my case I covered a 6.5 x 5 area and cut out a 6x4 card from the middle of this for my kit.

    1. P.S. the off stamps of the inky mask is my favorite. Apologies to the ladies of ABM but a little texture goes a long way in satisfying this artistic soul.

  6. Your forgeries are fabulous! Spot on!

    1. Thanks, Margie - a different kind of forging challenge this month, that's for sure!

  7. A great set of forgeries

  8. You really forged ahead this month! Excellent work!

    1. Thanks, Maggie! Happy to see you are playing along again over here at CKC :-)

  9. Wow, so amazing! I love your tape forgery-I think I might even be able to copy your forgery! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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