Monday, April 20, 2015

042015 CKC Scrap Crush Challenge Hop

Extra fun this month at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog!

Every once in awhile our team of Master Forgers
gets a little insider challenge going,
courtesy of our own Lisa Hausmann.

This time we need YOU to play detective & solve a mystery!

Each of the participants has agreed to be inspired by our "Scrap Crush" - someone who always wows us & whose style is exceptional - and has made a counterfeit page based on that person!

My crush has a very artsy, whimsical, light & airy vibe to her work.
I suppose the theory that "opposites attract" is at work here!

Here is my attempt to incorporate her style with my own.

I took a few tips & tricks from my crush.

I loved layering up a stack of papers for my photo mat. 
I tried to gather a limited amount of supplies with color in mind more than anything else. 
When it came time to start making decisions I didn't second guess - just played a little & committed. My page is also a scraplift so the influences are more obvious when you see the two together.

  Some other things I want to try in future are toning down some of the patterned papers with white paint & sewing on my title letters - why don't I do that more often? I've always loved how it looks.

Tomorrow there will be a CKC post to reveal who the crushes were.

I will also share a little gallery of favorite projects she has done, so be sure to come back tomorrow!

DON'T FORGET to leave your guess as to who it might be in the comments below.


Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Perfect! You've done her proud!!! As you know, I *know* who it is and wanted to choose her myself but I'm not sure I could have done such a great job! I love - as in ADORE - the vellum embellishments behind the title and just all the bits and pieces to see here. I think she's closer to your own style than you think! It's a perfect match :-)

  2. It's a beautiful LO. I d love the layering! Unfortunately, I can't guess for certain who you're counterfeiting cause several designers I "crush on" create like this.

  3. Replies
    1. Wilma Furstenberg? I love the layers, the cut file and the watercolor.

  4. LINCOLN (sorry - grandson learning to type his name <3)

  5. What a fantastic collection of goodness here. So many bits and pieces that add interest. The stitching, the small stickers, the arrows. It is such a light and easy layout...much like the life of a little one. I can't guess because I know, but I can say that you nailed the style exactly. xoxo

  6. I was also thinking Wilna Furstenberg.

  7. Ashli Oliver? When I read "whimsical" and saw your layout, that's who jumped into my mind. No matter who the inspiration, your layout is just gorgeous - I really like the torn white paper, the "happy" title with the floral embellishment behind it.

  8. Don't have a clue as to who - but the how is simply splendid.


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